Seitan Veggie Burger | Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. It works well and delicious, rather than flax I tried adding twice the egg's volume of wheat gluten powder and then baked for longer. I prefered making it in a 'meat loaf' then slicing the burgers off because the increased cooking time made them a bit too cripsy, also reducing the bean content and increasing the toasted seitan content to make it even chewier! Either way both methods are good to eat, thanks

  2. That "seitan" does not look like any seitan or gluten meat I have seen. It must be diluted a lot with something else, it looks like a piece of white bread! Are you sure it is really seitan?

  3. wow thx for sticking with it and coming up with something with the right mouth feel. can't wait to try it. we are long time veggies but new to working with seitan at home so more recipes like this one that use it in creative ways would be great! nice job

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