SECRET REVEALED! Oven Baked Crispy Pork Belly 脆皮烧肉 Chinese Roast Pork / Roasted Pork Belly


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  1. I came … I saw… I conquered. .. My belly is now resting but tell you what…if there is a Miss Universe for Pork Belly … Mine would be in top 3… Your instructions are absolutely idiot proof. .. Many thanks and great appreciation from Australia. .. Happy CNY!!!

  2. This is an amazing video, Thank you man! I definitely should give it a try. It may be my first Pork Belly attempt 🙂
    I was wondering, it would be possible to let rest the belly on a layer of salt, with the skin downward, to let it dry better? Like you've done in the first stage of cooking, but before cooking and reversing the piece of meet? Sorry if I'm not clear.. Greetings from Italy 🙂

  3. Here in norway we eat this for christmas, it's tradition in 90% of Norwegian families. What we do is simply slice the skin into cubes, put a plate UNDER the pork belly while steaming it for about 50 minutes (Cover it in aluminum foil), then we remove the foil and let it sit in the oven for 30 minutes on 200 degrees (Celsius), and then we pump it up to 240 ish degrees until all of the skin is crispy. Works every single time.

  4. Just made this without the bean paste,very very delicious.
    26 hr dry time,cooked in oven and finished under grill.
    Very happy with taste,thankyou so much.
    Pork knuckles next.

  5. Thank you for your reply directing me to this video showing crispy pork oven style, but i just need a little clarification is it baking powder or baking soda that was used. Thank you

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