Seafood Fra Diavolo Recipe


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  1. Correction Appended
    LOBSTER or Shrimps FRA DIAVOLO, lobster in a spicy tomato sauce with linguine, "brother devil" style, sounds Italian, tastes Italian and is a staple in Italian restaurants. But is it Italian?
    "Oh, dear," sighed Anna Teresa Callen, the Italian-born cookbook author and cooking teacher, when asked about it. "It's not an Italian dish. It's really another Italian-American invention. I have never seen it in Italy, and I suspect that it came from Long Island."
    Like Mrs. Callen, many authorities on Italian cooking are not on the side of the devil.
    Tony May, the owner of San Domenico, who is from Naples, said lobster fra diavolo was not from his hometown. "It's like the lemon peel with the coffee, he continued. "I first heard of it when I came to New York in 1963. I think there was a restaurant in midtown called Fra Diavolo that started it. Or maybe the restaurant was Vesuvio."
    Giuliano Bugialli, another cookbook author and cooking teacher, said it was invented in New York. "We don't even have American lobsters in Italy," he added. "And a heavy tomato sauce with hot peppers, seafood and pasta all in one dish is not Italian cooking. I think it came from a restaurant that was
    Others trace its origins to Little Italy. Victor Hazan, the wine expert, said he remembered first eating lobster fra diavolo at the Grotta Azzurra restaurant in Little Italy in 1940. His wife, Marcella, the cookbook author and teacher, added: "You brought me to that restaurant. I remember the dish clearly because it was so heavy and typical of Italian cooking in America. We don't eat like that in Italy."

  2. He puttaa en the pazzzz ….  ( I watch this because I find his accent cool ) .   No burnnn the peppp.    I macca shoo I putta the pannn niceaaa

  3. Loved the recipe! Mangia!!! By the way, my father's name was Pasquale Moretti….and he made a great mussels fra diavolo, too! Must be a Pasquale thing!

  4. yeah u told me about the fried dried chilli pepper.. i didnt feel like waiting for 3 months for them to dry so i just fried some and yep very nice… i ate 9 of them in a row very addicting

  5. lmao @ you eating that Italian long hot…. Hey do you guys know what kind of pepper that is actually called? I only know it as Italian long hot. I eat alot of hot peppers I have to say if u get the right ones i think they are one of the hottest out there.

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