Sea bass in a salt crust – Italian recipe


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  1. This is not an Italian recipe… Portuguese and Spanish have been using this recipe for centuries. The Arabs brought the recipe to the Iberian Peninsula long ago when Italy wasn't even a country!

  2. words cannot explain just how well the sea bass comes out using this technique. the fish keeps its flavour, its well cooked, it has so much moisture, it isn't dry, the skin comes off so easy and the seasoned is completely contained in the fish. brilliant technique.

  3. People. the salt acts like a crust, trapping all the moisture and cooks the fish. U dont eat the salt and it doesnt permeate into the fish. Ive had it before and u dont taste the salt! trust me!

  4. I have am completely averse to cooking fish, but this video showed me how insanely easy this was! I shall be trying it very soon 😀

    (although, how do you debone and remove the skin off?!)

  5. @eateastIndian me too!!!! i was like omg that's gonna be really salty!!! ( i hate salty food!) but then sea salt is less salty than normal salt…and because the fish still has the skin on i guess it wont absorb that much sodium….just the flavor!!

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