School Lunch Ideas


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  1. Yummmm croquetas and papa rellena. I need to try sending these to school with my daughter. do you make them or buy them? We have to make them here because they don't sell them.

  2. I love your school ideas vlogs 🙂 Thanks for sharing what they have for lunch. You actually give ME lunch ideas to take to school (I'm a teacher, so I guess that kind of makes sense. haha). Take care! xoxo

  3. Nice video and good ideas. We have used a neoprene lunch bag to carry our childrens lunch to school. The neoprene keeps the heat or cold inside the bag, and the lunch stays fresh and appealing for up to 4-5 hours. I bought mine here (, but you can buy the neoprene models everywhere. This company provides you with a neoprene bottle holder as well. My son loved the camouflage version they had.

  4. How funny! My son won't eat the ham either, he'll beg for the ham ones and then I buy them come home and he won't eat it. He'll get the turkey ones too but won't eat the cheese!!! I bought 3 of those zbars when they were on sale and on cartwheel, thinking my son would love them and he ended up not liking them at all!

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