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  1. Wow, You really look like a young mum, For me, This is a parenting 101 – – you really know your stuff! I’m a father of 3 and making their lunch is very soothing and somewhat relaxing! Cheers love!

  2. i was just looking around for vegan recipes (although i'm personally not vegan) because i find that with a late lunch, meat and such goes bad or doesnt taste all that great and honestly, im most definitely trying these oof, i am no longer 17, im 7 lmao

  3. Omg thank you so much! This really helped me with lunch for my 4 little 6 year olds! I'm 20, and my kids can not make up their mind on what they want. I started making these, and THEY LOVE IT! You really helped me with lunch for Jordyn, Jakxon, Jayelynn, and Jonson. Again, I'm 20 and a mother to four 6yo. Thank you so much😍

  4. 1:18… Your welcome😂

    Btw, these recipes are soooo cute! My family is vegan, and as a 20 year mother of 6 year old quadruplets, this really helps😁. Thanks soo much for making lunch easier and cuter for Jordyn, jakxon, Jamei, and Justen. THANKS!

  5. I'm a mom of a 3 year old girl, love the new lunch ideas!!! But Never say sorry before the video stars save it for the end !
    although it's your video don't apologize if people don't like it sorry for them!!!!! happy to see the next one! Saludos from Colombia

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