School Lunch Ideas – Daddy Edition (Mostly)! Back To School Ep.20


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  1. I feel like you are so mean to your kids. I do pack lunch for my kids too, if they I am happy and if they didn't I am ok with it. I am not forcing them to eat everything because. when I pack lunch for myself I may or not eat it all. come on they humans too. please take it easy on her.

  2. Hey, You guys should have Jay try Mott's apple juice single bottles, they are fun and amazingly good! A simple drink idea for lunch without having to pour juice in a bottle or the pouches. I am 17 and still love them!

  3. Just a suggestion, but I don't think that you shouldn't preheat the thermos, because there is a chance of starting a fire. Like once I did that, and my mom scolded me and told me that.

  4. Growing up, my lunch consisted of the same soggy peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the jelly always spilling out the bread wrapped in left over aluminium foil and warm juice…. Needless to say after watching this video, I now have lunch pack envy. LOL Great job on the healthy choices and variety for lunch! So awesome ! 🙂

  5. PROTIP: don't ever put cookies and salami in the same container because the cookies (or like anything else than cookies) will start tasting like salami and thats not very nice

  6. Me and my sister absolutely love these videos, They're so creative and we love seeing what you guys give Jaelynn for lunch! Love you guys! <3 PS- Rhylynn saying Hi Guys was so cute! <3

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