School Lunch Ideas! | Back to School | Week 1


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  1. I should have a chart for them for every time they finish their entire lunch. And when they do you should give them a star and whoever has the most stats by the end of the week or month you should give then s surprise and the one with the least stars you should just give them a smaller surprise

  2. I love watching Your lunch videos. And makes me wish my granddaughter was in school already but you give me great ideas for Meals and snacks when she's home. I also love the little notes that you put in their bags to booster day. Keep up the work Mom

  3. My first day of middle skool (6th grade) is in 8 days

    * PRAY FOR ME *

    Yes I am aware that I didn't spell school right , i did that on purpose, don't think I'm stupid. Have a good day :]

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