School Lunch Ideas! Back To School Ep.18


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  1. How is she holding a camera I newborn baby and opening the lunchboxes she's probably like a super mom my God I mean my mom is even better but whatever everybody's mom is better for them

  2. i am new to your channel, my mom watches it for ideas on lunch for my nephews that she takes care of, i saw it and instantly fell in love with the simplicity of these ideas, however, i never ever have any time to make lunches for my babies I have two six yr old boys, two three yr old girls and two one yr old boys, ik u may not have a solution to help me but if you have any ideas or advice I could really use it.. please, and as everyone else said, congrats on your baby

  3. Juggling baby in one arm, camera in the other, making this vid… You go Mama 😉 hehe! Congrats on your precious angel and loved the vid too!! Just subscribed xo If you get a chance, I'd love for you to drop by our channel 🙂

  4. Just started looking at your vlogs…I started somewhere in 2015 so I'm just getting to the more recent ones…you have excellent ideas and vlogging skills. Also you edit your videos very well. Congrats on the new baby!

  5. hi I'm from the UK love seeing your lunch ideas wish we had some of the items you do. and wish children over here didn't have so many allergies. nuts are not allowed in schools here. it was a shock when you recycled Jaylens juice I think it's just cause she has been at school all day but then if I was home I would just put it in the fridge . I think just the thought of being at school was cringe. but yh you are creative with lunches good job !

  6. When I would take lunch to school I would never finish it. Probably it was the smell of our cafeteria. It STINKS!! NOBODY eats exept it the lunch is: pancakes & sausages beef taco & doritos w/ tapatio, Chocolate cookies with strawberry yogurt with string cheese or Burgers

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