School Lunch Ideas! Back To School Ep.13


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  1. I think you should ask if her dad should show what she ate and her mum should stay what she has to eat that day p.s I love watching your school lunch video you my fav YouTuber ever and I mean ever most people like zoella I love you not her

  2. I first started watching your videos to get ideas for my lunch. I then end up watching at least 4 each day. I just love them for some odd reason. They not only as said give me ideas, but also get me more organized when it comes to packing. Although I do not have a bento box container yet due to my lunchbox being too small, I use containers and homemade dividers to make my own (it doesn't work as well, though). Thank you for creating awesome content. :>

  3. I don't know why but I thought the pear was avacado oh ya and keep up the good work your videos inspire me so much I finally know what to bring to my lunch

  4. I need to say something!! When u guys say "she didn't do a very good job on her lunch" what does that mean?? Cuz….it gets me really mad about it!! And if she wants to talk to her friends…SHE CAN!! I'm 11…and my mom doesn't do that.!!!! So…um, yeah

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