School Lunch Ideas


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  1. My kids are grown now but I love watching these but daggone, you put so much time into Victoria's lunches but it makes me feel like I was a horrible mom as I used to throw my kid's lunches together so quickly😅 lol

  2. Love her lunches. Maybe soon she'll be like 2 feet away from the cafeteria or the school will realize how much time they really do have to eat and adjust the time for the kids lunches

  3. I think it's good that you're letting her pick out her own lunches including buying things at the store. I've read things about how if you don't allow your kids to do so, or if you limit it , it'll only cause them to crave those things more and more and one day, when they do get free choice, they'll be more likely to go over board . Everthing in moderation of course!

  4. My lunch is 25 minutes and my teacher lets us out late so my class (25 out of 200 people bc I'm in middle school) so I only get 20 then we they stop us 3 mins before so we can be dismissed so I get like 15 minutes

  5. thanks for sharing lunch video. I know my kids get stuck on beige also LOL
    how are breakfast coming along I know before you said that was a problem in Victoria, that she's not a huge breakfast eater

  6. Are you moving away from making everything homemade? I ask as some of these lunches are fully processed foods, which I'm not criticizing as that happens in real life for us all, I'm asking since I started following your channel to watch and learn from that switch. But I'm confused now!

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