Schezwan Sauce (Indo Chinese Recipe)


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  1. HI Madura, Kahsi aahes?
    Mala ek vichaaraiche aahe…China made Chinese recipes(traditional) made MSG (aji-no-motto) cha vaapar kartat ka…ki fakt Indo-Chinese made vaaparla jato….me shahakari aahe ani MSG fish pasun banavle jaate ase me ek jain pustakat vaachle ahe…pls reply

  2. Hi Madura, I have become a great fan u recently. though i see the same recipie from many am satisfied only with urs. i have a question in the preparation of schewan sauce. should we add only chopped garlic n ginger? or can we use ginger garlic paste? keep rocking!

  3. Excuse me all…

    This is not english class .. I ve been in europe for couple of years .. N ive seen many europeans speaking bad bad english including british people as well..

    So we are here to gain knowledge by learning how to cook food but not learning english..

    We should encourage people to exhibit their professional skills which took a lot of time for them to acquire


  4. Very nice recipe madhura… But if i wanna make schezwan sauce in bulk n if i add tomato puree in it, can i preserve it for a long time??
    Pls reply if cannot preserve suggest any

  5. Love your recipes and have tried many of them. They turned out superb..Just one question regarding this sauce..which red chillies did you use? I tried this sauce with Kashmiri red chillies but was not happy with the outcome.

  6. thank you so much for this Madhura…..:)….you are one of my idol chef…i am telling you this..:)….tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and his friends are going to come over… saved my day..:D…i am going to make this sauce with your paneer schezwan noodles …you seemed like having the noodles non- it..:D

    lots of Love

  7. wow really a good one.. i was using the store tomato sauce for gobi manchurian.. tht made it very tangy.. now i can use this sauce to make it better i guess 🙂
    if u have a good recipe for gobi manchurian and ragda pattice then plz post them.. thanks a lot Madhura..

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