Schezwan Potatoes Recipe Video – Indo chinese – Fusion Recipe by Bhavna


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  1. Hi Bhavna..i just tried this recipe…OMG..everyone just loved it and the sad part is i just got to taste it when i checked the spices in the beg… 🙁 …..Thanks for the awesome work dear…

  2. hi bhavna i follow all ur recipes I followed ur recipe for schezwan sauce and done noodles they taste great i like to try this on sunday can i make the sauce little thick and dry using corn starch ……. please reply me

  3. HI Bhavna, if i am not wrong you are Indian, right? then why do you pronounce like Americans?!! It sound really bad and most of the time people can't understand! be your own self dear, pronounce properly, that will help us a lot! otherwise your recipes are quite good!!

  4. Hi sister, made this dish with veg fried rice last family ppl loved it…must thank you for giving this recipe…Thanx..god bless you my sister…You can publish a cookery book which will be very usefull for ppl like me …:)

  5. Hi Sister, Good idea you gave me…will do as you said ..In which of your blog will i get the printed version of these recipes?.thanx..god bless you my sister…

  6. zesh-wahn, to be phonetic. I liked this recipe! You do not see to many (if at all) potato ercipies in chinese cooking, so I thought it was a good marriage of indian ideas with chinese flavors. Awesome.

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