Savory Easter Cake: Torta Pasqualina, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. Hi Gianni, Grandma used to make a type of torta that contained sauteed escarole, oil cured black olives, capers and anchovies in a wonderful flaky crust. I don't recall what she called it but would love to know how to make it. Are you fmiliar with this dish? If you are I would love to learn how to make it. Appreciate a recipe if you have one. Grazie

  2. That looks AMAZING! A Brooklyn Italian here and you cook just like my Grandma! She was some cook! I wanna try this…..the dough makes me a bit nervous lol. Thank you for sharing your skills…….I made the eggplant parm and it was off the chain!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  3. This looks sublime… though I already have something else planned for the family gathering on Easter, this one… I'll make for myself!  Grazie, Gianni!

  4. Oh wow Gianni that's an amazing easter pie! I'm Italian but my parents don't make this, never have. Maybe I should start a new tradition. Fantastic, thank you

  5. Hi Gianni,
    I haven't ever heard of this Torta either.  Don't think anyone in our family or my former in-laws ever made this but I think I will try this soon,  maybe for one of my next Vermont pot luck dinners.  Thanks for all the new Italian specialties you are sharing with us.
    Buono Pasqua .. excuse the spelling my Italian is not as good as yours.

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