Savory Cake Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 317


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  1. the joy of youtube. 2.30mins and such a wonderful video on how to cook this. I;ve read and saved a few other recipes off the web but it is so SO much easier seeing it for me. YUM. I;ve follwed the link above and this lady has a whole web-page of lovely food. Lots of veggie stuff too..amazing. Thank-you for your hard work!

  2. Oh nice, I only ever made one savoury cake, the recipe was by Rachel Khoo I think it is in her book the little paris kitchen, it was a goat cheese, pistachio and prune cake. It was delicious, and yours looks fabulous too!

  3. I watched this recipe and was all "yeah, okay, that's nice". Clicked out of it and suddenly I got really hungry for something like what you made hahahaha. Half an hour later I was standing in the kitchen making whole wheat muffins with walnuts, leek, diced zucchini (wanted to have bites of zucchini so I didn't grate them), pine nuts and pumpkin seeds, a small handful of oats and finally some grated gruyere. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I tried to make them healthy, but it's not healthy if you can't stop eating, is it? hahaha. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  4. Merci pour la recette,je voudrais savoir si on peut remplacer la farine par la semoule et l'huile végétale par l'huile d'olive pour un cake plus diététique.

  5. This looks SO yummy, Alia! I love that you can add whatever savory ingredients you like. Imagining feta and basil and oregano and olives and pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes and … everything!

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