Sauteed Veggies Appetizer Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show


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  1. Barev sireli Hexine jan, es uzum em asel qez shnorhakalutyun qo hetaqrqir u hamov eterneri hamar. Gites arden mi tesak hognel ei xohanocic, bayc qo cucadrumnric heto noric sirov em mtnum im xohanoc. Mi xosqov nuynisk karotum em qez , vor gorcov em @nknum u mi qich ush em miacnum TV-in. Mek el mi ban em uzum xndrem, es u txas shat enq sirum haxordman verjum hnchecvac erg@. Kuzei imanam ergi ev kataroxi anun@.

  2. One tiny thing is missing on your homepage, Heghineh. I can never find the bottom to print your recipes. That's so sad cause I would love to print your recipes and file them. It's more handier than having to take my whole notebook into my kitchen each time I want to cook a recipe of yours.

  3. yummmi inch hamexaaa Hexine jan aeqan shat anush balika ichkana sirum mamain. vhistnasac yes henc skzbic nkatel ei woe aeqn dzes het shat kapvaca shat lava balika sirunn hrasq. Hexine jan utesti masin xosk chkaaa shat gexecik tesk unii yev hamex wonc kuteiiiiii😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Hamov Arqa. I love it that you post daily, such a treat to watch your videos every day. Hope you continue making vegetarian dishes, even after lent. Our Haykakan cuisine is always so laden with meat, so glad you are finding alternatives. I was always such a meat lover, since Yerevan, but now trying to eat a little healthier, but still retain Armenian flare. Shat shnorakalem for making that possible.

  5. I guess I am watching more and more often simply because I miss my family…. and then I cook…love you kuyrik jan!!!
    I wish I had lavash here….
    Does Arqa go to school or he stay home?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Heghineh jan 😚Oh so sweet it is.Arqa is spinning around mom😍 It is good support for you Heghineh 🖒Thank you for today's video and delicious recipe.And by the way Heghineh jan, you look great as allways!

  7. Heghineh? May I ask you a question to your Harrisa, please?
    I don't eat meat but I eat fish. Do you think it fits to your recipe if I add some codfish instead of chicken into the dish? Or some smoked fish, e.g. smoked salmon?

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