Satoshi’s Favorite Japanese Snacks


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  1. いつも見てます(^^)英語分からないので日本語字幕があって助かってます✨


  2. So far, I've tried the Calbee Shrimp Chips and the Kabuki Rice Crackers. I tried the shrimp chips first and thought they were very tasty! We don't really have fish/shrimp flavored snacks in the US (or at least the southern states). Then, I tasted the rice crackers!! I will have to find these somewhere close because they are DELICIOUS!!! Can't wait to try other favorites.

  3. 5:00 I was told once that they are just softer rice cakes that are fried in salad oil, which is (in the US) an old-fashioned term (1950s and 1960s) for non-specific vegetable oil. It got called that because it was preferred oil for making salad dressings, which were (then) almost all made from this light oil, some kind of vinegar, sometimes cream, some kind of sweetening (sugar syrup or honey), herbs and spices.

  4. ソフトサラダはサラダ油を使ってるからだと勝手に思ってた…( ˙༥˙ )美味しい


  5. Ahhh! I feel so special! I have had many of Satoshi's favorite snacks and they are my favorites, too. Someone gave me a huge package of Japanese snacks and I instantly loved many of them. I have had the chocolate wheat snack, the famous Kappa Ebisen, and the Umai Bo (both flavors), and the Cabbage Taro. I loved them ALL, but my all time faves are the Umai Bo corn pottage and the Cabbage Taro snacks. I ate the whole bag in one sitting! They are so good and unlike anything we have in the states. I wish I could get them all the time…. I'm so jealous, LOL. Thanks for sharing this yummy video!

  6. Salad Pretz was my absolute favorite snack in Japan and now we can't get that flavor in the US anymore. I wonder if it is still in Japan. Whenever I see a green box of Pretz I get excited then find it is pizza pretz flavor ohhh nooo. I do like the corn potage crunchy stick, it is surprisingly exactly corn soup. The crunchy stick turns right into soup when you bite it! Well not really but it's a strong corn soup flavor and it melts in your mouth. Yum.

  7. Has Satoshi tried Whoppers? 以前はテキサスに住んでいたのでライブビデオを毎週楽しみに見ていました。しかし去年からサウジアラビアへ引っ越したので時間が合わずライブが見れなくなりました。でもビデオはいつも楽しく見ています。今年もお二人にとって素敵な一年になりますように。いつも日本の美味しい物、美しい景色を見せてくれてありがとうございます。   エンジェル章代&クリス

  8. First video I know e.v.e.r.y. item 😍😍 well oke, not the ice cream😋 but every other item is easy accessable for europe, ordered online and I totally agree: they are all SO delicious😍 unfortunately one of my most loved online shops closed (from a convenience store company) but I'm glad I had all of them, was very exciting to watch that video.

    My favourite Umaibo is Natto and Corn Potage Soup. What I also love is that cheap "Big Katsu" snack🤤 or "Karinto" but this is hard to get. Soo delicious. Thanks for sharing 😘

  9. Rice crackers in my country are SOO different from rice crackers in Japan!
    These 2 are really popular brands in Argentina, there are tons of brands who sell rice crackers, they have been really popular for 1 year and a half now, people eat them everywhere.

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