Sambar – South Indian Andhra Telugu Vegetarian Recipes


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  1. Thank You,Madame. I got bored of my own sambar recipe and searched in google to find your's. This is different and kind of tasted like Udupi style. I loved it very much,but I did eliminated the peels and seeds in making paste…forgot to put them.Still it was good and also there was no pumpkin at home at that time…but absolutely fine without it. I also tried your Ginger Pickel and Bagara Baingan recipies. They are all good. Will try more. Thanks again.

  2. Dear Gayathri Madam, This is a great Sambar recipe. I do not like to see the skin on vegetables in Sambar or any Pulusu. I either remove the skin and eat vegetables in Sambar or avoid keep them separated from my plate totally. I used think that it is lousy cooking work to use vegetable chops with peel on them. But after knowing the goodness of them, I loved the idea of grinding peels off of few vegetables and grinding them in to the Sambar paste. Thank you so much for the recipe.

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