Salmon Nitsuke fish recipe – Japanese cooking 鮭の煮付けの作り方レシピ


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  1. Onizuka your a teacher shouldn't u know that? He put the amounts 2:1:1

    2 Sake 1 Soy sauce 1 Mirin . Meaning lets say u use a1/4 cup it means u use 2 x1/4 cups sake 1x 1/4 cup soy sauce and 1x 1/4 cup mirin 

  2. @ezjapanesecooking what are some of the tastiest marinades for fish? How much of a difference in taste if you marinade in sake before cooking? Or is it the same? What is the cooking time in correlation to thickness of the fish? In addition to ike jime what else is involved in the process for fish to be sushi grade in Japan?

  3. I love salmon sashimi/sushi too. You either eat fresh salmon completely raw, or for this recipe, it's much better to cook salmon well rather than partially raw. Japanese favorite salt broiled salmon is completely well done and salmon is almost hard.

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