Salmon Meuniere fish recipe – Japanese cooking 鮭のムニエルの作り方レシピ


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  1. what kind of soy sauce are you using? seems very thick… the one I am using is somehow more liquid… and also, I found at the local store "caramel soy sauce". How can I use it? is it for desserts or for main courses? the regular soy sauce I'm using is a bit salty but this caramel one is so very sweet and unusual… please help. thanks!

  2. @leefuji Mochi is the most dangerous food in Japan killing many elderly by choking. Many more people die from Mochi choking than Fugu (blowfish) poison, e-coli or salmonela. Especially dangerous when you use it in soup and become very soft like in traditional new year's soup.

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