Sakat Chauth Vlog 2019| Simple Indian Dinner Rotuine


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  1. Hi Priya how are u? This festival name is new for me. I thoroughly enjoyed 😍😊 Anirudh bahut cute laga raha hein🤗🤗
    btw I get scared to see that u make him seat on countertop.

    That leaves i saw first time I have only heard about it in saag recipes thank you for showing it.. I will check in my Indian grocery store ..

    Thank you so much🙏🏻😊

  2. Wow, nice vlog
    Chotu baby ka smile 👍👍👍
    I didn't knew there is a sakat chaut festival ,
    Yummy food,
    Thanks for sharing this vlog
    Paratha bahut accha hai , star shape jaisa dikh raha tha paratha ,
    Really very nice

  3. Hi priya yummy recipes. Tmw I will send the photos of republic day celebration. What do u call bhatua in English? I have never tried any recipes from this bhatua. Tq for sharing dear.

  4. Dear tillkutta jaggery and till se Banta h 💕from Mumbai must try your till burfi I’m your new subscribers where r u from UK or us and in India where r u from up or Rajasthan I’m Rajasthani

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