Saffron risotto ( risotto allo zafferano ) – Italian recipe


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  1. we had a lovely big cut of roast turkey breast leftover yesterday so i made a turkey risotto with shallot and chestnut mushroom, cooked in a spiced saffron stock (made with the turkey bones), served wet with a pool of the beautiful golden stock, topped with chives and cranberry cheddar. it was incredible

  2. That really makes absolutely no sense to use something as a garnish, which, despite your comment that it is edible, garnishes are generally not meant to be eaten. Most people, working with safron, because of its extremely high cost (more than nearly any spice conceivable) would prefer to actually taste the small fortune they are investing in the dish, especially considering how unique, and delicious saffron is.

    It just… doesn't make sense to go over the top on a garnish and not incorporate it

  3. But if it is inedible, it's kind of a waste of such an expensive ingredient. Maybe if it is softened a bit prior to "garnishing" the rice, it would work. However, I can not argue the beauty of saffron.

  4. Really? Saffron sprinkled on top? I think that will make it a little stringy and strong. Saffron should be steeped before adding to any recipe. In addition, the end result looks a little too thick and clumpy. …just my opinion…

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