Sablé Cookies Recipe Demonstration –


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  1. Hi, i have tried and keep on making your recipes which are perfect for first time home bakers like me.they actually turn well as it is shown in the video and tastes delicious. I would like to request for a baby/toddler biscuit recipe, which doesn’t stick in their mouth, not crumbles, but just melt in their mouths? I have tried even my own, but they either get hard, or crumbles. Thanks in advance

  2. I run my company's cookie exchange. I love to bake but HATE MAKING COOKIES!! I made these and they were amazing. I put on some French music and baked them. Thanks so much. I also made the lemon shortbread ones too. Very tasty. Thanks so much.

  3. These cookies look like the comercial brand from France, 'Grande Galette', not too sweet, yummy butter flavor and in the case of the galette, a bit salty, which adds a great flavor to the cookie,…..gonna make 'em and try 'em, this way instead of waiting for Costco to import the Galettes from France, now we can have 'em any ol' day we make 'em at home! Thumbs up Stephanie, thanks for sharing and keep up the IRIE Cooking Vibe! 🙂

  4. Hi Stephanie, great recipes! i've been baking with them for years 🙂
    could you please explain the difference between all purpose flour and Self-raising flour? i'm from South Africa and we don't have all purpose flour

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