Russian Pork Holodec Recipe | Holodec | Xолодец


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  1. Haven’t had this since I was a kid and my Grandma use to make………..growing up in America kids would laugh at this dish when I was a kid…but I love it and miss my Grandma’s meals.

  2. I like that this recipes, and a lot of Russian dishes that ive seen, calls for the off cuts and 'less desirable' parts of the animal. Nothing goes to waste!

  3. Смотрел много обзоров "иностранцы пробуют русскую еду" холодец почему-то нравится 10% иностранцев. За видео лайк. И острой Русской горчицы к холодцу:))) И ещё совет Шефу не от шефа, для эстетического вида ( заливного, студня холодца) нужно первый слой бульона 3-5мм предварительно залить в порционные емкости и поставить в холодильник. После того как этот слой схватится укладывать основной слой или слои.

  4. Alla your 100% correct this recipe looks like yikes but taste so amazing! I had this when a friend who is Russian made this for me and I was hooked… Truly a amazing dish thank you for sharing your recipes with us ..

  5. Hi Alla!  This is similar to an English dish called brawn (or head cheese), made by boiling up a pig's head, removing the meat from the bones and then letting it set in the aspic.  My dad used to make it every Christmas and it was always delicious.

  6. This is almost exactly like how I do my soup. First food that also seems American. I'll have to look at the chicken version, to see if it is like I make my soup. I eat it with seasoned rice. Cool how the way I like to eat my soup is similar to this Russian recipe. Now I can tell people it's the Russian way when I eat like this.

  7. Privet, sweet adorable Alla. Your pork holodec recipe looks gorgeous, and your top looks simply adorable. What do you love about pork? Have a good day, sweet adorable Alla. <3

  8. When you added the peppercorns, it looked like you added clove. However, it wasn't included in the ingredient list. I wanted to clarify whether clove should be included, given cloves are a very strong spice.

  9. I love meat jelly or holodec, whatever the name. My American friends think it is like a cat food. And, your dog will love the meat from the nuckles. Just remove it from the bones. Don't discard the good stuff.

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