Rujuta Diwekar’s Inspired Breakfast Recipes | Quick Breakfast Recipes


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  1. Woww great Priya. know recently I started following her tips as well. .it's so comforting .. right ??? I always love to follow heathy diet and stay fit . absolutely love it ….Ur dosa looks perfect ….did you use the regular non stick pan for dosa ?? .. because here in Denmark it's tough to get proper Dosa pan

  2. Hi dear how r u🙋 V nice recipes- 👍 Love ur nail color – what is it called? Have u already shared ur nail colors in the make up collection- I don't quite remember.. nowadays I'm actually liking a lot of the unusual fall/ winter dark earthy colors like blues n greens. Otherwise previously I rarely colored my nails😊

  3. Hi priya very yummy recipes. I have send republic day celebration photo please check . There r many videos which is very lengthy n I could not send through mail . I am very sorry for this. For the next graduation function for 10th students I will share the photos. Tq for sharing dear.

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