Rotisserie Pork Shoulder Roast Recipe


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  1. Have you tried doing this with the reverse sear method where you get the internal temp up with foil on, then taking it off near the end to get crispy bits on the outside? Then you can go full souvlaki on that butt! And why use Parkay when you can use real butter? Otherwise, this is just awesome

  2. My two favorite attachments for my Weber kettle are my Rotisserie.  Which gets used at least once a week.  And my JB7000.  Which I saw on one of your videos.  Have you tried using the rotisserie with direct heat keeping the lid off?   I've tried this a couple times with chicken.  I use more wood than hardwood charcoal.  The chicken comes out with a perfect smoke flavor  and crispy skin.  Also rotisserie chicken makes the best soup ever.

  3. Wow Great guy. Questioned him on his post and he got back to me within a decent amount of time. Needless to say youtube is pro bono however some gent's present themselves as a paid professional…Thanks again will give the bitter O.J. a try and possibly progress from a slow cooker to rotisserie.

  4. There isn't really anything that will give that tequila flavor, but there are all sorts of things you could use instead. If you have a Mexican market or an ethnic area in your store, look for bitter orange juice. If you can't find that, just use some regular OJ. Great question!

  5. Also any ideas for a tequila substitute. I don't mind it but their are some people determined to stop drinking and even though it "cook's out" I don't want to disrespect their wishes to not bring any alcohol around. Any ideas sd4547

  6. Looks really good. I want to give it a go. Do you know if a picnic shoulder will fit in a indoor rotisserie (any suggestions on brands?) Also would this recipe work in a slow cooker? Thanks for any feedback.

  7. hey Greg. i like yer recipe im gonna try this on sunday with a bone in leg but without the rotissere. ill have to make my own adobe paste to as it would be hard to find in Scotland. My only question what is the sauce that you put on just before foiling thanks Paul.

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