Rosemary and Garlic Chicken Recipe by Gennaro


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  1. Skin on chicken? Slow cooked on the hob, in a sauce pan and covered for 35 minutes? Anyone who knows a thing knows that it will be totally inedible after that. You can't expect chicken skin to be crispy after 35 minutes in a wet environment, and then drowning it in wine. Also, chicken that thin doesn't need anything like 35 minutes.

  2. Find him making odd mistakes for such a renowned chef. Heat was too low for that initial sear and there's no reason to add wine at the last moment. Could have beautifully reduced that whole time

  3. Man, he treats all ingredients like his own children, very lovely cook with great passion.

    This dish looks so yummy, soft garlic and all the fresh herbs combined with the chicken. Maybe add a tad of butter before finishing.

    Perfect, juicy <3

  4. Hy Gennaro.. thanks for all the recipes and your lovely Italian presentation 🙂 I fully like what you're doing and tried many of your recipes on my own.. all people o cooked for were happy and delighted with the result.. Today i tried at work for me and my colleagues and it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious :D. best regards from Vienna

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