Roman style artichokes: Carciofi alla Romana, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. I can't believe the shaming on some of the comments!  It is like Pasta Sauce every family has a secret or a way to make it!  Cooking is not an exact science like baking!  The artichokes he is making are famous in the Jewish quarter of Rome, which have been made for centuries by the Jews who lived there!  There is even a famous Jewish cookbook of families that lived in Rome!  Cooking is a way of doing things differently, or possibilities you might have not tried before. Fongoole, Cento stay on your inferior tomato can, and stop with the judgement!

  2. Ciao Gianni! Very interesting way I see you do carciofi here. When my family made them, we stuffed almost the whole thing, then when cooked, peeled the leaves off and scraped the delicious leaf meat w the breadcrumbs with our teeth. 

  3. I am fucking tired of americans taking crap on the italian culture the fact that your parents were italians DOES NOT MAKE YOU ITALIAN!!!! LIKE THE FUCKING SITUATION ON JEARSY SHORE YOU ARE AMERICANS NOTTING MORE THAN THAT!!! THIS RECEPIE IS BULLSHIT!!!! AND IF YOU WANNA REALLY MAKE IT THIS WAY PLEASE DO NOT CALL IT CARCIOFI ALLA ROMANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ciao BorschtBlue.

    These are artichokes in the Roman-style. The fried artichokes are caricofi alla Giudia or Jewish-style artichokes. You can find both styles in the Jewish Ghetto and I love them both. Actually, I can't think of an artichoke dish that I don't love.!

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