Rolls – Lunch Ideas & Recipes


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  1. @YannieiLove : Yes, you can add anything that you would in a sandwich – and it should be easy to roll up 🙂 When I give my kids lunch, I half freeze the juice box or water and put it in the lunch box and it serves as a ice pack as well and the juice/water is cold by the time they get to it. In the winter – be careful not to freeze the juice/water solid else it may not defrost by the time their lunch time comes along 🙂

  2. I put some besan better with cilantro and all masalas on the left over chapati and cook it in similar way. IT tastes yummy and is quick.

  3. This lunch idea is a hit in our home! (my kid just loved it!) Especially the way of wrapping the roll , it didn't make a mess!As other viewers said its not only for kids but also for adults !, its great lunch idea for working people. Please keep coming more of suh ideas…Thanks so much Hetal & Anuja. 🙂

  4. Yes you're right my bad I never buy hummus. I always make my own low fat hummus which has the no fat yogurt in place of oil. Many people make hummus with yogurt or sour cream. I prefer 0 fat yogurt, almost no oil, extra roasted cumin. Higher fat yogurt will drown the nuttiness of the chickpeas.

    Whenever we have a party, everyone attacks the hummus first and demands the recipe. It's so easy to make a big batches also.

    Oh yes and don't add too much garlic or the flavor can overpower the hummus.

  5. What kind of hummus do you buy? I have never purchased hummus with either yoghurt or sour cream in it. There are three different tubs of it in my fridge right now, no dairy products in any of them.

  6. Humous isn't vegan. It has yoghurt or sour cream in it much of the time..

    Do you really need help on how to make a veggie wrap?

    It's always the vegans that like getting all the attention isn't it? At the resturaunts, here on the comments. Gawd I wish they would just keep the fact that they are vegan to themselves and stop 'projecting' to everyone else that they are vegan. I hate hearing complaints out of 1 person in the group that they can't eat anything on the menu… SO TYPICAL.. sheesh

  7. they have great practical ideas and I love to watch them and get simple ideas but I don't think health or Indian tradition are there strong points. I think it is just convenient food ideas with an Indian flair. I think they make great vids and they are entertaining to watch together.

  8. eggs are considered vegetarian but not vegan. You must be vegan. I think vegan is healthier and more ethical but many of us are not ready for that. Actually, I think raw is even better but I am not ready for that either.

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