Roasted Turkey Breast with Spinach and Prosciutto Stuffing, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. I have been cutting alot of my spinach recipes with half arugula because I love the bite. Do you have any arugula recipes? I add a handfull to the remaining bacon fat after frying 4 or 5 slices,then a little garlic,a crushed dry red pepper a bit of olive oil and toss in my cooked pasta. I finish by crumbling the bacon on top,some parm,cracked black pepper.. YUM.and so easy.

  2. These are two wonderful videos. Next time I cook turkey, I'll try this versuib. We like mashed potatoes the same way it seems–not creamy but smashed. However, I think you need to purchase some better pans and pots. Use stainless steel not aluminium. I prefer All-Clad.

  3. Gianni, that looks simply amazing. we don't really celebrate thanksgiving over here in the UK, but I'm certainly going to try this one!  oh and one more thing I have to say is…… 'Herbs' has an 'H' ;0)  

  4. That looks fantastic. Making this for sure. I made a roasted fresh Amish turkey breast last year instead of a big bird and we loved it. I'm making it this way this year ………. Thanks for posting.

  5. Bellissima, Gianni! I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks! The spinach and parsley have such a vibrant color, and you can't ask for a better flavor boost than sage for turkey (or any type of bird)….and the Parmigiano and prosciutto surely takes it to the next level!  
    Again you've used only a few quality ingredients and a fairly simple technique to create a gorgeous dish (bless your butcher for the pounding, perhaps your wallet took a pounding too 😉  but  I certainly can sympathize with your labors of your last Thanksgiving and why you wanted to simplify. 

     If there's anything else that should be added to Thanksgiving dinner, let the family bring on their best dishes and desserts!  You done your part, the best part.

  6. Ciao, +Gianni North Beach​! Grazie a Gianni per la ricetta! Molto bene!

    I'll have to try this, soon.

    Do you ever make Pizzelles for the holidays, Gianni? We have a family iron which I'm going to inherit pretty soon — engraved with the initials of my great-grandmother. I'm excited to continue the tradition of cooking each one over a flame.

    Your cooking reminds me of my grandparents. Thanks again. :)

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