Roasted Pork Shoulder


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  1. Very nice job, I like how you just put the words up and the ingredients for your Roast, its much easier to pause and write everything down then going back to hear what was said about how to cook, keep the videos coming, again Great Job!

  2. Oh, man. I was hoping to see you slice into it so I could see how well it held together and how juicy it was. It looks wonderful but the recipes I'm seeing say to cook at 325 for an hour per lb. Seems you cooked yours for much less time.

  3. Very good pretty close to what I do. Thank you for sharing . I use to use the minced garlic a little expensive . So now I see a good sale on fresh garlic bulbs and I wrap them up in foil then I roast them on 250 in the toaster oven . Seal them up and it's great. Thanks again buddy

  4. I really enjoyed this video. Watching you cook with just the accompanying text made it easy to follow.
    Also, according to measurements taken by Alton Brown, searing increases flavor/texture but actually reduces moisture slightly.
    Looking forward to seeing more videos!

  5. Why would you pan sear for color and then rack cook for color what purpose does the onions and celery serve under the rack under the meat no marination time so that the season is can penetrate to meat

  6. Tip: most of the celery flavor is in the leaves. If it is celery flavor you are after, USE THE LEAVES. I  dehydrate the leaves when I get a celery stalk that is bolting, so they can later be used in soups and stews for flavoring when I don't specifically want celery chunks in the dish.

  7. It looks great, even with all the aromatics dried out like that. Don't you find that Pizza Hut has very little taste? I would like to try this because it goes a lot quicker than most pork shoulder roast recipes. The shoulder you use is a lot bigger than the one I bought. That would change the cook time, wouldn't it?

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