Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – Easy Butternut Squash Soup Recipe


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  1. We made a double batch of this and froze half. I just wanted to let you know this soup freezes and reheats BEAUTIFULLY. Also… this is the ONLY butternut squash soup I've ever liked (it's DELICIOUS!). All other ones I've ever tried taste too much like baby food squash (when you're a mom, sometimes you'll do regrettable things to try to get your child to eat their vegetables).

  2. Love the recipes as I do just about of the FoodWishes recipes but … I found that when I roasted the veggies with the squash, the squash was still quite hard while the veggies were getting too charred. No big deal as I removed the veggies then roasted the squash for a little longer. Great soup! Gonna try some parm as one viewer suggested. Thanks.

  3. i tried this with sweet pumpkin and water and added rosemary instead of of sage(its what i have)it tasted almost like this soup i had in a 5 star hotel few days ago

  4. I'm am obsessed with this recipe. It is so yummy. I was looking for a healthy butternut squash soup and I came across this recipe. (even though it's not advertised as healthy) so I wondered… Even with the butter, olive oil and maple syrup… Do you guys still find this to be a healthy meal? What are your opinions? My thought is anything that taste this good has to be naughty.

  5. I made this today and I didn't have sage still it turned out to be soo yummy! I'm a very novice cook but this is really easy to make. just follow the instructions on the site. no special skills needed! perfect for chilly winter evenings! my roommates loved it too! thank you chef John!

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