ROASTED BONE MARROW | Step by Step Recipe


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  1. Roasted marrow bones are an inexpensive treat that any carnivore should try. Here are some tips and suggestions when preparing this recipe.
    Want to make stock? Learn how to make a perfect brown veal stock:

    #1 – If you can't find whole split marrow bones ask for bones that are cross cut from the center of the femur. That'll give you the best marrow to bone ratio

    #2 – Save the bones when you're done eating all the marrow. Include them when making your next batch of stock.

    #3 – Bone marrow is rich and fatty, but it is fairly bland. That make it a good vehicle for other flavors. Acidic foods work well to cut the richest. Try making a salad with a variety of citrus or maybe top the roasted bone with some pesto.
    What you decide to do, always include some toasted bread.

  2. While putting the salad on top of the bones might look nice, it's not very practical. The diner is simply going to scrap all that salad off the bone before eating. The salad should be served on the side to serve as a palate cleanser or compliment to the marrow.

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