Roast Tenderloin of Beef – New Year’s Eve Special Roast


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  1. After watching dozens of videos, I chose this recipe for my 1st ever ($200+ CHRISTMAS) tenderloin. Wow! Best tenderloin we've ever eaten. Skipped the teragon…not a personal fav. Still rocked.

  2. I am so looking forward to creating this for our Christmas dinner this year! Does look easy – I used to make filet mignon with cognac cream sauce (fabulous Alton Brown recipe), but we wanted something different…I already placed a special order with a local butcher (NOT a regular store, but a BUTCHER), who’s all too happy to do all the trimming and trussing for us!

    One question, though – is there an accompanying recipe for the small potatoes you place in your dish? Thanks for any help and Merry Christmas!

  3. Uncultured plebs are crying about how they think the beef is still raw. The beef is cooked and even if it is "raw" you won't have a problem eating since the meat surface has been cooked. Bacterias can't travel through muscle cell walls. If you prefer eating well-done beef, you're welcome to McDonald's

  4. I am sure this tastes divine, but the presentation confuses me. You would expect something elegant for an expensive cut of meat for special occasions. But with shallot and mushroom bits it looks sort of country/hunter's style.

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