Roast Chicken Recipe


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  1. Eso se ve delicioso… hice la receta pero con romero y de verdad me encanto… muy rico sorry but I don't speak english but I can understand you 😉 saludos desde Puerto Rico

  2. All i could think about was , "It used to be alive, it used to be alive, it used to be alive…." Is this a sign i should become vegetarian? What's wrong with me? Usually i would find it extremely delicious looking. Anyhow, if I do decide to make chicken again, this will be the way to go. Thank you chef!

  3. Chef…another marinade please? something tasty…but without lemon 🙂 I don't like lemon on meat, i prefer using it only on fish! ps: Your recipe for butter sauce with lemon and coconut milk is unbelievable! I made it already and it's amazing!

  4. Hello.
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    Hope this helps!

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