Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding recipe


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  1. love it , will try tomorrow , I have a rostbeef in freezer,never made yorkshirepuddings and dont have a muffin tin but will try make them in ramekins

  2. Make sure that oven is spotless people when you turn it up that high or the smoke will kill you! lol. Seriously. My oven looked pretty clean and woah, the smoke. I did it at 425 and they were perfect. I also you my stainless steel plain old roasting pan. Nothing fancy. I've had it for twenty years.

  3. Was the roasting pan used in this video enameled cast iron (Le Creuset) or some type of glazed stoneware? I only ask since I couldn't quite tell from the video and you put it directly on the burner to make that amazing gravy. I have a similar pan by Le Creuset but it's glazed stoneware and I wouldn't think I could put it over a burner like that for fear of cracking it. Just wondering. Great videos. Love your original music, too. So catchy!

  4. I tried this recipe and it was wonderful. I didn't have a roast so I used hot dogs. I didn't have the time for the prep, so I boiled them for a few minutes. I decided to put them on hot dog buns and serve them with ketchup and mustard. Delicious!

  5. It's a great example of how to get the best out of a cheap cut of beef and get the most delicious gravy, the horseradish looks divine but those Yorkshire puddings are disappointing. From a Yorkshire man to a Yorkshire man I expected much better but nobody is perfect at everything, although you come very close Steve! I think your videos are amazing and I've learned a hell of a lot from them. However, I think the ingredients of this dish speak for themselves and should be presented in a more rustic manor.  Trying to present or lift this type of classic food in a restaurant style just doesn't work for me. I think roast potatoes done in goose fat instead of the fondant would've been a much better accompaniment to that lovely beef and omit the sage from the puddings in my honest opinion. Not being a hater or a cynic here but  I think it's just been tweaked a wee bit too much. A Classic dish done well is a classic not to be messed with.

  6. Looks amazing! I've been searching popover and Yorkshire pudding recipes for the last 3 hours on YouTube and yours is what im gonna cook for xmas dinner in 2 days. Im American and I've never cooked this before but i feel confident it will turn out great. 

  7. Hi Steve, found your channel yesterday and can not stop watching it. 🙂 You make the cooking look so simple and inspiring, even with the recipes I'd thought I wouldn't dare to try before:) Now,  I am planning my whole next week menu and the Christmas dinner with your recipes. Thank you.

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