Roast Beef – Simple Roast Beef Recipe


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  1. You know, I used to eat all my meat well done when I was a kid because my mom wouldn't let me have it any other way, but now all I eat well done are hamburgers. Everything else I eat medium rare. It just tastes better.

  2. Hey, this looks excellent. Unfortunately in the UK our butchers produce different cuts of meat so there is no such thing as a round steak or eye of round. Would this technique work just the same with topside or silverside? joints?

  3. 86 the Veg Oil – it is one of the most unhealthy items we think is healthy and eat way too much of – it has – mutated fats in it and this is the #1 cause of heart illnesses.
    Replace with (Olive Oil and Coconut Oil – both Organic if possible)
    I use a combo –

    FYI – Prior to Mega Food Companies and Politicians promoting Health Topics, our G-Grandparents used "Shortening" (a combo of Cocount Oil and Lard – although the lard is from animal fat, because I'd was not altered – this combo remains healthier than "Crisco shortening" and tastes way better.

    For "frying" – a replacement for shortening is Peanut Oil – best if peanuts are harvested in southwest – avoids mold/fungi during storage, but for all else – Olive Oil and Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil is heart Helpful!
    Also – replace standard flour with 1 or a mixture of – Coconut flout, almond flour, and/or Gluten free Wheat flour.
    (Recipes and amount moderations are available on-line)
    Note: Use Coral Calcium as a Calcium Vitamin Suppliment plus D3 – To help prevent disease/cancer and note that pharmacies don't sell Coral Calcium- must purchase in heal food store or GNC
    Blessings and good health to you all ❤

  4. I like ur videos especially this one bc u explained a lot about the cut.. There are so many types that when u go to the store sometimes its hard to know which to get lol. I'm happy with mine medium rare but my mother likes hers more on the medium-well side any advice on what type I should buy and what I should do to get it tender but more medium well

  5. I watched your video because I had a roast and wanted to try something different. As I was listening, I took the roast out, and let it sit on the counter. I left it out for 2.5 hours, and then followed your instructions. Awesome roast! Thanks

  6. A female friend of mine was watching this video with me and said, "There isn't much better than a big hunk of juicy meat." I just looked at her in an odd way. Then she turned red in the face over embarrassment.

  7. Yummy! Great advice to let it sit out for a few hours. People freak out about leaving meat out on the counter for any length of time. We haven't gotten sick or died yet! Lol

  8. LOL! I've probably mentioned it before, but my Dad only knew one way to cook beef. Well done. If it wasn't a chunk of thoroughly dead shoe leather, then it wasn't done yet. Come over for some BBQ'd steaks, bring a chainsaw.

    That roast looks fantastic, sir!

  9. Awww . . Larry! :-0 That roast looks SO good 🙂 Dayem! Over the years that I've watched your great channel, you have always made a point of allowing meat to reach room temperature before cooking (whether indoors or out), AND allowing it to "rest" before carving. These are only two of the MANY tips I picked up from you, my friend 🙂 Thanks, thumbs up, and "treading water" down here, your rained-soaked buddy, Norfolk Joe 😉

  10. Thank you. I'm very particular about my roast beef and will try your recipe. The second recipe is similar to mine. After browning the roast which has been seasoned, insert a meat thermometer and roast at 200f until probe beeps at 120f. Immediately set the oven to 500f and probe to 130f. When desired temp is reached, take out of oven and tent for half an hour. I do this with prime rib (after getting a bank loan) and it is always stunning. .

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