Roast Beef Recipe, Tri Tip


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  1. Rebecca thank you so much for this lovely tri-tip. I have never baked a roast or anything much less than cake mix from a box. I made this and my family were so pleased. I took this to work and people were asking me for the recipe. I love your presentation. Cheers

  2. This was very helpful. Nice job! I had one question. You braise the meat to keep juices in. Or at least that's part of the reason. So why would you stab it with a fork? Wouldn't that lead to the release of juice from the meat? Not criticizing. I'm not at a pro level. I was just wondering. But I'm definitely gonna try this within the week. Thanks!

  3. I think that people shouldn't be so mean. these are mostly regular people who aren't reading recipes and don't have a script printed out on cue cards. Allow person a break. Wouldn't you want that if it were you? thanks.

  4. I just realize the recipe is like the other recipe in another video you have that I just commented on a few minutes ago. I use cooking red wine,not sure if there's a difference between the regular and the cooking one like the flavor. But it still turns out great ! 🙂

  5. Tri Tip does NOT need to be tenderized,obviously you don't know what your doing! just ruining a good piece of meat!
    What are you on? eyes blaring,talking a mile a minute,arms flaying,couldn't watch the whole video! looking for different idea to cook tri tip,but this ISN'T it!

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