Roast Beef Recipe – How To Cook The Perfect Sliced Roast Beef – Traeger Grill


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  1. WOW Lyle!!! Everything about this video was surprising. As you know I am away again and I am trying to catch up on my YouTube watching. You did cook this perfectly, I love the new house / Video set…lol. The new camera is looking great. As soon as you cut that head bush and stop forgetting things all will be perfect!!! JK!

  2. Your slicer is a lot like mine. The one thing I don't like is you can't shove a plate under the blade to catch the meat and juices. Otherwise it's great! And your Pit Beef looks on point! Rock On Hippie!

  3. Hey Brother! That was a great idea to let it refrigerate before slicing. Damn why didn't I think of that! I'm always slicing, with juices running out and all over….. not no more!
    Thanks Lyle!….. Beef was awesome! Hope You got some horsey sauce to put on that sandwich. Nice Job!!!! m/

  4. Lyle, your SuckleBusters Grill Masters Club rub made my mouth water! Thank you for a great roast beef cooking lesson! The color on it is gorgeous! I love your meat slicer! You must be thrilled with the way it sliced! Great show!

  5. Hey Lyle !!! What is Up Brother !!! Please say Hey to the Lovely Mrs.Andrea , Mr.Mason , Miss.Penny , Miss.Frankie , and your Wonderful Family from Me , Mom , and ole Sarge !!! Lookin Good Out there Brother !!! I was Lookin Forward to this Video , when ya Told Me bout it on the Phone !!! Man I LOVE the Slicer !!! DAMN the Smoked Roast Beef is PERFECTION !!! The New CAMERA is Rockin !!! EXCELLENT Video , and a Taste Treat EXTRAVAGANZA Cook !!! See ya Soon Brother …

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