Roast Beef Recipe Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. i tried this recipe. It turned out great. I used a larding needle to inject some fat into the roast. This is how I'm roasting a lean roast beef from now on. Thanks.

  2. Did this tonight. Roast turned out awesome…..potatoes, well……haha. I used apple wood, but next time I might go with pecan wood and use beef broth for the liquid. Plenty of room for tweakage, haha. I definitely got the thumbs up from the assistant pitmaster on this one, we'll be doing this again soon! Thanks fellas!

  3. Hey guys… I did this tonight. I used apple juice in the bottom of my pan and made a nice little rub out of garlic flakes and some other spices. The onion on top was perfect but my black iron pan had a workout with some avocado, mushrooms, leeks and onion sauteed in butter (real butter of course), some oil and garlic. And the garlic stuck in the roast was amazing..thanks… this is going into my "done this" play list.

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