Roast Beef – PERFECT Roast Beef EVERYTIME!


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  1. I would never have thought to just let it rest for an hour and a half like that…great idea! For the buns, if you have access to Gonnella french rolls, thats what we use in Chicago and the difference is insane. I am going to try a roast up this week. (What do you think of a chuckeye roast? Maybe a bit too fatty but I get them CHEAP.) I came for the 'What Are We Eating?' vids and I am glad I am watching your other cooking stuff, hope you keep making more!

  2. I've used this 3 years every Christmas Eve- Perfect every time. Just had to scroll back to find it in my history to be sure of the 5 min per lb. THANKS for this video! Added to my favorites for next time <3

  3. Lots of things should be at room temp before blasting them into a pan. Especially if you use old cast iron like we do. Keeps things from sticking and then burning. Peace to all you fellow Wolfe Pitters.

  4. I tried this yesterday and it is honestly the best roast beef I ever cooked, can't believe I didn't know about this method before, it's so sound. Thanks so much for your videos, keep em' coming!

  5. buns untoasted , so sammich ruined . remember to toast buns next time coz u know , roast , toast … theyr like bros . u dont wanna keep bros apart . u want them to unite .

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