Roast Beef – How to make Roast Beef – Roast Beef Recipe


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  1. Forget the sammich, just pass me that pile of meat and a jar of horseradish, and I'm good.  LOL

    I tried this method once in a not so good oven that didn't hold its heat well, and it didn't work worth a hoot. It's all dependent on how well your oven retains heat. I should try it again now that I have a real stove.

  2. I cooked a rump roast this way tonight and it turned out great. I couldn't believe how tender it was. The last one I cooked was tough and I said I was never going to buy another one. Thanks for the great idea!     

  3. I wouldn't have to put that on a bun!! I would throw some horseradish on there and eat it like an apple!! You could see how juicy it was when you were slicing it..Yummy!!

  4. Larry, as your friendly neighborhood lawyer,
    I want to you to understand there are some semi-legal implications with all the fine folks wanting you to ship this tasty sandwich to them…
    yup, soggy upon arrival is one issue, Section 13 State Code 411.5 (look it up:)
    the other is that you failed to notify me that was an option!
    As your retainer fee is still in effect, I advise you to consume an adult beverage ASAP, and proceed with your next yummy transmission….

  5. Room temperature, O M G yu are all going to get food poisoning and die if you do this… LOL just kiddin brother, this looks like a killer idea man.  One of my favorite sammies is  horsey radish cheese and a big ole pile of rare RB.  Good stuff my brother !

  6. Larry, the sandwich looks amazingly tasty with the medium-rare roast beef piled high inside. We buy sliced roast beef from the deli now and then, but yours just looks so much juicier and more tender! Great job again, my friend! — John

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