Rie’s Favorite Japanese Recipes PART 2- Buzzfeed Test #139


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  1. The beef was tough because you didn't cut it against the grain. The beef was essentially these big complete muscle fibers instead of just small tiny cross sections of muscle fibers

  2. Tofu is going to take on whatever you put it in. I tricked my mom into eating tofu lasagna one time and she loved it…then I told her the sausage was actually tofu…she didn’t know how to feel lol.

  3. When you kept wondering if it said tablespoons, 大さじ does mean tablespoons. Also, in Japan ketchup is very popular and is used as seasoning in many more dishes than in America. So, using it as seasoning in the rice for the omurice really isn't that strange.

  4. you actually got mochiko, which is a different rice flour (shiratamako is more bumpy and clumps together) and i had the same thing happen to me. i looked up shiratamako, and they sent me mochiko instead.

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