Ricotta Cheesecake – Italian Recipes by Rossella Rago – Cooking with Nonna


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  1. Lovely Recipe, however this cheesecake was burned black on the bottom crust and had black areas on the top. An hour and a half would be too long in most ovens and certainly too long for this pie. Also, the filling looked too dry after baking. I have made many ricotta cheesecakes with a pie crust; without burning the crust or drying out the filling. Great Recipe but bad cooking example. You should have re-filmed the ending with a correctly cooked example

  2. I am shore you are engoying your Poisen Geno food, When you know nothing nothing can Heart you right ? well these days no its wrong. If you are good people you should investigate and inform other people into what is Geno food. WAKE UP!!!!

  3. Wow! This dish and the Cartellate recipe bring back memories from when I was a child. Delicious! I will be making both recipes (and the pasta con sarde) soon. Thanks for sharing!

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