Rice Tolma Recipe – Armenain Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show


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  1. I made this today using your instructions, my rice was dry and not cooked.

    I checked out the armenin version, u cooked the rice slightly in that one. Thats why my dish did not come out good. In the English version u just left it in hot water and thats it.

  2. "How about you don't burn the onion." Haha it is always such a pleasure to see your children in your videos! They bring so much life to the video! Thank you for the great recipe. I will try it today!

  3. I wanted to make this but was wondering about if it’s possible to freeze it? If it is would u recommend to roll them cook them then freeze it or to roll them up place them into the dish then freeze them and when I’m ready to serve to take it out thaw and cook it.

  4. This was delightfully delicious! Thanks for posting the recipe and the video. Your video made an intimidating dish a lot less intimidatingly to make. ❤️ this recipe

  5. Барев дзес, Эгине джан , ете джвар чэ, карохек айс рецепте айерен нкараанел, или рецепт написать на русском. Спасибо)))

  6. Thank you so much!!! Спасибо за вдохновение! Моё утро начинается с кофе и Вашего видео. Как в гости сходила за рецептом:) Мира вашему дому!

  7. luvely video ,i luv how lilly is helping u in the kitchen she seems to be learning fast also shes a very pretty nice gal:)
    luved the recipie i never tried dry grapes before cos i always think maybe i wont like it hhh..ill need to try it with ur amazing recipies regards to u n ur luvely kids see u soon!

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