Rice salad – Italian recipe


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  1. I'm sorry, but this simply won't do. Peppers and tomatoes are bad enough – they make the salad soggy – but Basmati rice?? You're kidding, right? I am Italian. I was brought up on Insalata di riso, and believe me, we never used corn, peas, tomatoes or peppers, ever! And as for basmati rice – Ma vah! Non farmi ridere!! Dio santo, what a travesty! Someone find me a camera – I should do this!

  2. sorry are you Italian? I bet no…how could you say what traditional Italian flavours are? "anything was thrown into it" because that's the trick: you punt into the salad what you have in you're fridge or in on your kitchen shelves.you can even add hard-boilde eggs and pickled vegetables instead of fresh vegetables

  3. Hi! I was wondering … why didn't you used mayonnaise to melt all the ingredients? My mum does (I'm from Italy). For all those saying this is nasty…I can guarantee you this is actually really tasty and perfect for a hot summer lunch or as a takeaway dish! Try it and you'll tell me (never distrust Italian good taste in cuisine)

  4. i think it looks good. i also think a lot of you need to be a little bit more open minded.. hot dogs can be used in more than just a disgusting fattening white bun smothered in horrible processed mustard and ketchup. anyway you can't knock it till you've tried it!

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