Review: 3D Printed Amiga 500 Gotek Mount {appetizer}


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  1. I've got one of these mounts for my A1200. I've had it for about a year now. I've removed the speaker mod. I personally find it annoying.

    I have to say though, my install was a lot less painful than yours.

  2. I know that patreoner +Apiario Glorioso and can confirm he is crazy. A recent statement from his progress on that project he mentioned is "2000 solder joints was the most fun I have had in years" lol Perifactic, he also very much appreciated your accented take on his name's pronunciation!

  3. The interior is called “infill.” When you prepare a 3D model for printing you get to chose the percentage of infill to use. You can get very strong, very solid-feeling prints with surprisingly low infill percentages.

  4. Nice one man. I had one of these I'd printed some time ago (a slightly modded version with space for OLED) and never got around to installing it. You inspired me to finish the job! Question – what was the selector software you're running that allowed you to choose an ADF from an on-screen menu?

  5. Nice one. You have to love all the available retro computer 3D printer projects out there. I often peruse Thingiverse and keep an archive of downloaded files. I might actually own a 3D printer one day. 😉

  6. Holes rarely come out right. The original file needs to be adjusted for a given printer and material. There is anti-expansion in the print preparation software, but it compensates all sides and types of surfaces equally, while it is particularly small holes that come out smaller than intended because of surface tension and material shrinkage. Of course ABS shrinks more than other materials, so it's more obvious there.

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