Restaurant Style Vegetable Fried Rice | Veg Fried Rice | Chinese Fried Rice Recipe | bharatzkitchen


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  1. I made this. It was really yummy just be careful with vinegar and chilli sauce. I put chings chilli sauce which is a little sour and that with the vinegar made it a little sour (khatta). Otherwise the taste was really nice.

  2. Don't add any MSG. to any of your foods that stuff may taste good , but MSG has been banned in some countries because it will kill you over time. However, everything else is ok in moderation for instance the oil.

  3. Ok One thing i have noticed friend i m also a huge lover of cooking, reataurants food tastes different and awesome they cook in very very high flame and our house gas flame is not so high, so what van we do

  4. Hi Bharatzzzz….I m a grt fan of u nd ur wife is rrrealllly lucky as she can taste ur food…..I like ur home science explanation which is vry informative

  5. I want to make fried rice for my daughter's birthday party. Can i cook these one day in advance for the party and then refrigerate it and just reheat them in the microwave at the time of serving? Would they taste different next day or the same?

  6. Your videos are exceptional..vry well explained n unique a big fan of you.. one video of urs made me watch almost all videos… subscribed u fr the same.. May u reach heights

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