Restaurant Style Veg Manchow Soup Recipe | वेज मनचाओ सूप | Chef Sanjyot Keer


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  1. For my wife, she believes that this is my staple food, that’s is how much I love the Manchow soup. I have grown up eating street food and desi food and that is what my taste buds like on a normal day. Manchow is completely an Indian taste bud pleaser with the amazing combination of the garlic, ginger and Chilli. It’s super easy to prep.
    Just a few things to keep in mind while prepping this one. High flame is important once your garlic is sautéed. Use vegetable stock, you can make it fresh with the vegetable trimmings that are left after the prep for the soup or use a vegetable stock cube instead. Make sure you use hot stick/water while adding it into the soup. Add your veggies only after the boil, you don’t want to cook it much and use fresh green Chilli instead of any other sauce which will give you a better flavor. Use white pepper if available.
    I have added aromat powder which is a replacement of MSG, you can add msg too if needed but usually at home I don’t add both and prefer using a better stock for that added flavor (but yes msg/aromat does that extra restaurant magic, I am not promoting anything, it’s completely your choice)
    Pair it with the fried noodles without which the Manchow soup is incomplete!
    That’s it!! It’s very simple and the soups will be ready with in 5 minutes. The prep takes about 10!
    Enjoy the recipe guys!

  2. Chinese food are made in very high flame and very fast cooking actions, any ways looks good 🍲 would have been better if the original pace of cooking is displayed just for better audience understanding 🙏

  3. Mr Navjot sir pls support our own cultural food…I'm not seen any japanese, Chinese, American cook making Indian food…we do not have self respect??? offcourse We have…you guys representing us…pls think about it…

  4. I tried this recipe of Manchurian soup and it turns out to be just perfect ……it's actually like restaurant…..great recipe….I felt the aromatic power is essential for that restaurant like taste….

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