Restaurant style Egg Biryani Recipe | Egg Biryani Recipe Grandpa


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  1. الله ينطيك الصحه والعافيه هاي الناس البيهه رحمه موذول اليسون مسابقات اكل وياكلون بطريقه مقرفه وهوه الحديث يكول ثلث لطعامك وثلث لشرابك وثلث لنفسك بس لاحياة لمن تنادي محد يحس بلفقير

  2. Ay yo my man like no disrespect but shouldn't you invest your money into more than just food? Like I understand that everyone there is hungry but if you're able to develop the villages or towns then with enough work they'll be able to get food on their own tables.

  3. The people who have disliked this video I hate them. They don't understand our grandpa's feelings for the poor helpless children. I respect grandpa a lot for cooking with a great care.😊❤️

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